butchOUT is an organization raising money.

My vision is to help create funding and awareness of non-profit organizations making a difference. To that end butchOUT will create events, sponsor events, and promote organizations which help to promote a mission, raise awareness and most importantly raise money.

Here is how you can help.

The Match My Dollar challenge is set up for people to match my donation(s) so that we can double our efforts in helping affect change in our community.

Here is how it works- Lets say I am currently supporting Cantaria-The Gay Men's Chorus of Asheville, and I ask you for support. You give me $5.00. I match that $5.00 and now we have doubled our funds. You give me $20 which then becomes $40.

It's the same as an employee matching program but more personal because WE are working together in support of mutual endeavors. We are making a difference. We are creating change.

Be a part of the butchOUT family. Make a commitment. Make a difference. Affect Change!